Carole's reduction charcoal

Art Classes:

(students’ work only)

  • Fundamentals of Visual Language (Design Essentials)
    EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner imageKala final1 Kala final2Kala final3 girl with braids - pen and ink   Joren Wild Turkey Julianna's LionEPSON scanner imageEPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image LukasMikler_Box2 Julia's cube Julianna's cubeLukasMikler_Poster Joram's 3sec poster May Ann 3sec posterRebbeca's poster Sara's poster    Heid poster Stephane's Cube Stephane's Poster Poster1 Cube1 Aileen's poster Fundamentals 3sec poster3Poster 2016-17fish-postercookie-cube-designfundamentals-bestofme-cube11Metal Cage CubeArt Tools BoxBest of Me CubeFundamentals BestofMe poster
  •   Bootcamp Technique: Drawing (drawing medium)
    Life model sketches Carole's reduction charcoal 2Tim's still life drawing (continuous line)Continuous Line drawing Creative human face pen drawing Ena's magnification drawing Life model drawing Needl portrait drawing byTimCarole's magnification drawingArlen's Life Model Arlen's Head2 Arlen's Head1 Christina's reduction Nicole's reduction Zarha's reduction
  • Bootcamp technique: Drawing Elements
  • Drawing with Pen and Ink: Black
    old man4 - pen and ink  old man3 - pen and ink   old man2 - penand ink old man1 - pen and ink  Carrie's pear Lili's Octopus EPSON scanner image girl3 - pen and inkEPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image Kelly's Unconvetional Pen and Inktwo cats pen and inkSpray bottle fishThree textural fish
  • Drawing with Pen and Ink: Colour
    Clown colour ink  Colour ink flowers  Colour ink flowers2  Dennis' colour pen drawing  Colour ink Roosters  Colour pen and ink1  Elizabeth's bird  Elizabeth's totem  Stan's demoElizabeth's colour pen and ink drawing Secil's Clown1  Secil's Clown2Jessica's drrizly drawingDavid's drrizly drawing David's bear drawing David's flower Nadia's flower2Nadia's flowerJessica's crane2 Jessica's crane Secil's Urban Illustration Augustin's roosterannette2aannette5abrenda1akristen1akristen2akristen3amarielle2-flowermarielle3anadia1apauline2aMonicas Final Pen and Ink ProjectWet Flower drawingWet Flower 2Granville Hotel drawingHappyaccident RobotTwo Fish happyaccident
  • Drawing with Charcoal and Chalk
    apples and bannanas Bill's Clown IMG_1701 Charcoal still life IMG_1697 Garry's drawing reduction apple Garry's Clown Amarrah's reduction drawing
  • Pen and Ink Book Illustration
    Promocard_front Dennise's colour ink illustration Jo Lee -Princess and the pea Meredith's illustration  Meredith's illustration2 Patty's Moby Dick Patty's Three Roosters Pen and Ink Illustr with washes Arlen's Hansen and Gradle Cristian's Aesop's fable Arlen's Boby Dick Pauline's Princes Micheals illustration Pauline's Yewllow Brick Road Catherine's Lions Al Rassan illustration Cristian's Aesop's fable Michael's Moby Dick Arlen's Roostermagan1agail2a
  •  Fantasy Illustration
    Fantasy icon Ed's Worhog Jo's Pegasus Wikki Bottlehead Illust_ordinary-object_web
  •  Summer Teens Institute: Illustration
    Scott's fantastic illustration Amanda's monoprint  Amanda's charcoal1 clown4 happy accidents 4 clown 5 Kate's caterpillar illustration Andy's textural illustration Aidan's Hatter illustrationBad Guy Rooster Carrie's HatterSIT Rabbit1SIT good rooster1SIT bad rooster1SIT illustration2SIT illustration1SIT Queen1SIT Mouse1Teen's illustrationScary Clown 1aScary Clown 2aScary Clown 3ahttps://stanhunc.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/jos-illustration.jpgall in one illustration2Textural ill 2selfdirected illustration 1good guy bad guy personality 1genre illustration 2genre illustration 1creative layout 1all in one illustration 3Alice in Wonderland 4Alice in Wonderland 3Alice in Wonderland 2Alice in Wonderland 1



Past teaching:

Basics of Visual Communication Design (ECU)
Typography (ECU)

Packaging (ECU)
Concepts and Systems in Visual Communication Design (UFV)
Graphic Design 1 (UFV)
Typography 1 (UFV)
Applied Art (Poland)
Drawing Studio (Poland)
Printmaking (Poland)
Typography (Poland)
Visual Communication Design (Poland)
Visual Structures (Poland)


Power Points:

12 thoughts on “teaching

  1. Stan, I can seem to find the power point with colour and lines that was covered in class today, is there some place I can find that?
    -Sara (cohort 35)

  2. Hi Stan,are all readings above for our Communication Design Essential class?Do we need to finish all reading before next class?

  3. Hi Stan,

    In your Fundamentals of Visual Language Class with my Cohort, we did an abstract painting exercise to a classical music piece. I was wondering if you might know which piece it was that you used for this?

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